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What is Functional Reflex Therapy?

Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) was developed by Lorraine Senior, a reflexologist, and an experienced teacher working for over 20 years with children and adults with special needs.
It is a combination of positive touch relaxation movements, drawn from traditional reflexology, and was primarily aimed at children and adults with autism, autistic spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, learning difficulties and complex needs, to provide 'in the moment' relaxation that may create conditions enabling them to prepare for on-going activities.
It is unique in that it encourages those both giving and receiving the sessions to use objects of reference, symbols and photographs that may help promote communication.

FRT for stress, anxiety depression

Due to the effect that FRT may have on the sympathetic nervous system, that is the system which prepares us for 'fight or flight', both calming the production of the stress hormones including cortisol, and increasing production of the 'happy' hormones, such as serotonin, the routine can be extremely beneficial for those experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  The routine can be used in the home at times of need to help induce relaxation and re-balance.

The Workshop

Family members/carers can learn this lovely ‘positive touch’ routine through FRT workshops to empower them and to share in the experience by giving the therapy to the receiver.

The workshop comprises of two 2½ hour sessions, usually a week apart, intended to be relaxing, fun and informative.

FRT centres around the rainbow relaxation routine - Each technique is named to encourage you to think about specific areas of the body as you deliver the therapy and they are
linked to a colour in the
rainbow which gives you an easy to recall routine to follow.

  • In session one, I will teach you the principles, techniques and benefits of FRT, including the 6 C's, and the hand routine. Working together with my guidance, you will be able
    to practise the routines. I will give you hand-outs of the routines to support you so that you can go away and practise at home.
  • In session two we will share information from your practice at home and any questions you may have, and then we move on to the feet. The routine is exactly the same, and you
    will also receive hand-outs detailing the foot routine.
  • I will explain the FRT 'toolkit' - which can be used as an object of reference. This is a drawstring bag which is (included in the price of the workshop). This will give the receiver some responsibility by asking for sessions using personal resources and equipment kept in the drawstring bag (particularly for those receivers with autism, ASD and other complex or special needs).
  • Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will be presented with a certificate to confirm your new skills.

    Please note, this is NOT a qualification in reflexology, and does not qualify you to teach FRT to others!

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